The CEDIA Designer

The world's first and only home cinema and media room design software

About TCD

Built by home cinema designers, for home cinema designers, TCD is cloud-based software that allows home cinema professionals to design any dedicated cinema or media room in minutes

The CEDIA Designer (TCD) is the world's first and only home cinema and media room design software.


TCD calculates in minutes what would typically take an experienced cinema designer weeks to design, producing a complete 30+ page cinema design proposal that is client-ready.

TCD integrates with D-Tools' SI 2017 software, offering installers and dealers a powerful all-in-one cinema room design tool that allows users to export a TCD design into D-Tools via a CSV file, calculate pricing, tax, required labor and associated costs, in addition to importing TCD’s 3D CAD drawings into Visio.

The CEDIA Designer adheres to the CTA/CEDIA CEB-22 and CEB-23 Home Theater Audio and Video Recommended Practices, improving performance and eliminating subjectivity in cinema design. TCD allows users to create technically impeccable dedicated cinema or media room designs, support documents (including audio and video calibration reports), aesthetic renders reflecting the finished room, and creates a 3D CAD drawing for any room in under 30 seconds. 

TCD is available to users all over the world and helps to provide relevant documentation for home cinema designs being submitted for the CEDIA Awards.


TCD allows its users to confidently design technically accurate 32-channel count Dolby Atmos and DTS:X home cinemas in a matter of minutes*. Using TCD is the only way home technology professionals can accurately design technically perfect high spatial resolution home cinemas in such a short space of time. (An Auro-3D update will launch in future.)

Creating CAD drawings and working out the mathematics associated with technically correct cinema designs can take days, if not weeks,.

TCD brings the entire cinema design process into one place: Users enter the room dimensions and then work methodically through the entire cinema design process.

TCD specifies the precise location of the loudspeakers, screen, seating, and projector and provides the amplification and processor requirements, recommended acoustic treatments, RT60 value, and much more.


TCD produces a downloadable 30+ page (PDF or Word) cinema design report – including 3D CAD drawings of the home cinema or media room. The 3D CAD drawing is available to view interactively online within the tool or can be saved in .DFX format for later download.

The room plan and elevations are also created as jpegs, along with all the detailed design parameters and calculations required for the cinema or media room. The render tool allows designers and their clients to envision the finished cinema room: The render will reflect the room's dimensions, equipment choices, and placement – placing them in the render as they would appear in the finished design. TCD offers a plethora of customization options in terms of decor, providing numerous carpet, wall, and ceiling options.

Visit the features page for a full breakdown of what the software calculates and produces, and to see our tutorial videos.

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